Neon Signs is an inspired and discerning online magazine addressing the themes, shifts and many facets that symbolize and have shaped art and culture from the 1960s to the present as well as the processes of making and the numerous influential personalities. Through critical analysis, personal perspectives, historical research, creative projects, reporting and a little bit of wit and a wink Neon Signs strives to be an opportunity for new perspectives regarding arts and culture.

As a digital periodical based in New York, our e-zine will examine many topics and include fine art, design, literary, film, music as well as others. Content for each issue will be curated around a theme and include timely and other salient information. 

What’s in a name?   Neon lighting is a pervasive cultural material colorfully spanning the banal, fine art and posh design, present at a nightclub or seedy bar, a favorite take-out joint, or a modern art museum. Since neon and other day-glow light tubes were first introduced as a radiant material for art installations in the 1960s, neon has become a vehicle for artists and designers to render concepts of modernity and materiality. 

Previous topics for issues
Issue 1: "The Matter of Artificiality"
Issue 2: "Recollections & Reckoning"