Note from the Editor & Founder

Issue 3: "The Taking and Making of Time"

Time (Sigh). There is so little of it and yet so much of it. We experience time differently during the various phases of our lives. At moments, it seems more cyclical than linear, or exponentially faster. When I was very young, it appeared as something expansive or even unlimited. We each have our own personal relationship with time. Remembering moments alters our perception of it; it changes–at least a little bit–every time we recall an occurrence. We deem things as “timeless” or “of their time,” a judgment that often determines how significant or successful something is. We humans insatiably feel the need to capture it, visually, an instance documented or artistically represented. And many make a pastime of presenting themselves as a series of moments and thoughts via the digital scrapbook of whatever social media platform, all “curated” and manipulated in some manner. We take time, a desire to decompress, refresh, or indulge. We can lose it or lose track of it. As we age, we feel a corporeal connection to it. Time is fleeting. Time is sublime. 

Okay, all of this is a little on the philosophical side… But, perhaps, germane in a current climate of contentiousness, and where the past, present and future loom. What we do in our time, with time, is precious.

In Issue 3: “The Taking & Making of Time,” Neon Signs explores how we personally, and culturally distinguish and experience time in a contemporary state of mind. Savannah Lamb’s personal essay discusses some theoretical notions of time through a reflection on youthful moments. Michael Wiener narrates his monologue that poetically captures recent happenings with the marvelously penned illustrations of Josh Mongeau. I explore concepts of timelessness and that which is of the moment regarding design movements and material culture. Photography is a keen part of the issue as well. Daniel Smyth contemplates the capturing of space and time with three contemporary artists, and Beatrice Thornton curates the image gallery that displays the intertwining of past and present by combining embroidery and textiles with photographic images. We also have a selection of articles archived from Issues 1 & 2.

So, take some time and peruse Issue 3.

Allison Krier

Upcoming in Issue 4: "Heroes" inspired by David Bowie and Prince, the next issue will focus on remarkably talented and influential cultural personalities.