In recent decades tattooing has reached great heights in mainstream popularity, a long way from its introduction into the West via 18th-century exploration to far away exotic cultures. Once deemed savage and coarse, nowadays tattoos are enduring emblems of individuality, symbols of one’s bold youthfulness, one's edgy artistic nature–or just edgy–and sometimes representations of allegiance. But within these expressions, they are also a means to mark something of personal significance, permanent corporeal inkings for continuous recollection. Whether scripted or an elaborate pictorial, these human-scaled and personal memorials literally become a part of a person.



Reverence for the love between mother and child is potent raison d'être for inked skin. The iconic, albeit a little cliché, hearts and roses combo is still a popular representation to honor mom posthumously. Potentially sacchrine, the motifs offer, still, a variety of visual interpretation.

Just as an old master 17th-century memento mori painting evocatively symbolizes the awareness of mortality with a skull, numerous tattoo designs reinterpret this macabre imagery for remembrance. 

Where hearts and roses exemplify devotion for mom, skulls are, perhaps, more apt for dad?

Our adorable furry friends are important to our daily lives. We share a our existence with them and rely on their unconditional love. They too inspire tribute! And often with the mark of a paw.

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