The Power of Faux Neon Signs: 5 Reasons to Convert Your Logo

Faux neon signs make it easy to raise brand awareness and help your business stand apart.

There are many possibilities for creating your sign. This gives you complete creative freedom.

5 Reasons You Should Have Your Logo Transformed into a Faux Neon Sign


One of the greatest reasons to have a neon logo for your company is that it can help you build brand awareness. A strong brand and logo have many advantages. You can connect with new people, stand out among your competitors, and it helps you to reflect your brand values and goals. People are more likely to recall logos with good lighting.


One of the greatest things about our faux-neon signs is that they’re lightweight. This makes them portable and easy to carry. A faux neon sign is an excellent way to differentiate your business from others, especially if you are often out on the roads selling or promoting products at markets. Not only will it make your business stand apart, but your sign can also be transported from one location to the other.


There are many options when it comes to faux LED neon signs. gives you more creative freedom in designing. This is why LED is more popular than traditional neon. Traditional neon still has a retro edge but there are limited design possibilities. They use glass tubes that have to bend and can be bent. You can make fake neon signs using LED Flex, which is available in a range of colors. The LED flex can be shaped easily, so you can have any design for your sign.

They are safe

LED neon signs are becoming more popular than traditional neon signs because they are safer and last longer. Traditional neon is made from glass, inert and volatile gases. They are therefore more vulnerable to breaking. LED neon signs are much safer than traditional neon. They are both shatter-resistant and heat-resistant.

They can be found on Instagram.

We live in a digital age. First impressions matter. You can make your business logo look like a neon sign on social media. A bakery owner might take pictures of their cakes and other baked goods in front of an LED sign. This can help increase brand awareness online. If a sign looks appealing, people are more likely to share the business’s URL online.

Chelsea wanted a faux sign for her salon. We were able, using her logo, to create a digital visual. We were able to start manufacturing after the design was approved. Our CNC Machine cut and manufactured the sign. The led neon sign looks stunning and is very on-brand for Chelsea.

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