How To Update your Business’ Signage

Signage is one of the most important elements in attracting customers. It is vital that your signage is current, functional, energy-efficient, and looks great!

How can you revive your business’ signage?


Redesigning your entire brand is a great way to update your signage. Although it may seem daunting, keeping your brand’s logos, packaging and brand identity professional and appealing will increase your business’s value on a larger scale. After you have rebranded the company, you can try different signage styles to see which one best conveys your message.

A Style Change

Signage trends in 2019 include illuminated and custom neon signs. There are also a variety of metallic extruded styles available with different textures and finishes. Vinyl and board-printed signage can look dull if you want your signage to stand out. NeonExperts offers illuminated styles that can help you revive your signage.

Color Transformation

The signage should be colored. It can look childish and tacky if it is too colorful. But if it has enough color, it could look boring and unattractive. Match your signage color with the messages you wish to communicate about your business. White, Cool Blue, and Pink all convey modernity and futurism. This is great for tech companies. Green is the color that represents nature, and it’s a great choice for catering and food businesses. Pink and purple evoke an energetic and fun atmosphere. You should experiment with different colors to discover which ones best suit your business.

It can be scary to update your signage. But it is not difficult at all, especially when our designers do the hard work.

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