Five Pointers for Crafting Effective LED Sign Messages

Businesses are always looking for innovative ways to market their products and services. Effective advertising techniques will reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.

Signs using LEDs are used by businesses to serve a range of functions such as displaying business announcements or announcing sales, to letting employees know about working hours. These LED message signs can be customized to display any image, video, or even text. This makes them an attractive option for many sectors.

But how do you create an efficient LED message sign? Learn more about these signs, and discover some helpful tips for LED message signs.

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What Are LED Message Signs?

LED message signs can be customized electronic displays. These LED message signs can display clear and bright messages thanks to countless light-emitting devices (LEDs). LED lights produce less heat and consume less energy than conventional bulbs, which makes them an energy-efficient solution for a variety of applications.

LED message signs can be equipped with video, images, or text. The LEDs are placed in clusters on every sign to display a message, image, or video, or to rotate through a set of options.

Some other names for LED message signs comprise:

  • LED displays
  • Electronic signs
  • Digital displays
  • Centers to send electronic messages

The LED sign can be hung on the walls or on pedestals to display your content. For instance, you can place an LED message sign outside your shop to promote a specific sale or item. It is also possible to utilize LED signs to emphasize important information, like messages about traffic patterns.

Here are five ways to design LED signs that convey messages

If your company is planning to use LED neon sign messages, here are some tips for creating them:

1. Take into account size and location

It is important to choose the correct size LED sign to match your product or your company.

  • Place: Many businesses position their LED neon signs on the outside to attract drivers or pedestrians as they walk past. You can also place LED boards inside to remind customers about ongoing sales or new items. Whatever you decide to do, put the sign in a place where the customers can easily read it. Exit and entryways are great choices for signs since every customer has to go through them.
  • Size: You’ll want to select a size that catches customers’ eyes. You can place it outdoors or inside, but make sure you choose dimensions that appeal to the eye and encourage customers to take more of a glance. However, be careful not to go overboard — a too-large sign might cause a prickly reaction from customers or appear chaotic. Select a size that fits your external or interior design.

2. Simple is best.

Clarity is an additional aspect to consider during your LED neon sign design. Designs that are easy to read and understand are more likely to have an impact on visitors. Here are some suggestions to improve the clarity of LED signs:

  • Colors There are some color combinations that are easier to read than other combinations. Contrast, for example, white text on a black background, often helps to make reading easier. It is essential to select shades that aren’t distracting to the eyes. While yellow and black are the best options, brighter colors like green or hot pink could hinder your message.
  • Font: You can select any font you like in order to format your message to fit a certain theme. Think about using block letters or text fonts if you are sending a text-based message. You can easily modify your text to reflect changes in demand or products or even occasions with a range of software options.
  • Speed Moving text may have an impact on your sign’s ability to read. The average adult can read 200-300 words per minute – between 3 and 5 seconds of words. Make sure your message remains on the sign for long enough for people to be able to read it and select words that are powerful to keep your message short and simple. If you are using a series of images, make sure that customers get enough time to read them thoroughly before the program shifts to the next.
  • Spacing: Pay attention to the spacing between words and phrases in your design. Sufficient space between images and words can make it easier for readers to understand your message. To create balance, signs employ negative space. This is the area that surrounds the image or text. The extra space allows you to process images or read text, particularly when using block letters.

3. Add Interactive Features

Using creativity in your design can help keep customers engaged. Make sure your messages or pictures stand out to draw new customers. Consider using:

  • Fun slogans and phrases.
  • Sending messages about huge sales or exciting new products.
  • Eye-catching product photographs

Utilizing these techniques to help you make your signage stand out from the rest. Visitors who are attracted by the text or image might be enticed to visit your business.

4. Keep it interesting

You should also maintain variety with your sign’s messaging and images. If your sign remains the same for a long period of time, it is less likely to grab the attention of customers. To attract and excite new customers, you can change your message’s video, images, and messages.

5. Use Color Wisely

Color is a significant part of the design of successful LED signs. The color you choose will affect the way people see the message of your sign. Your brand’s mood or business style can be affected by the hue you choose. Colors that are bright, for instance, could create a sense of urgency within the signage and neutral colors can encourage calm.

It’s also important to make sure your design and color scheme fits your budget. If you plan to make use of images to display messages on LEDs You will require a variety of colors. It is possible that you will require another color scheme in case you are planning to utilize multiple graphics. Be aware that the addition of colors could create multicolored signs that are more expensive than monochromatic ones.

Additional Factors to Consider When Utilizing LED Signs

Beyond design, you should also consider other external factors. There are additional aspects to consider when you select an LED neon sign

  • Indoor or outdoor placement: You can place your sign indoors or outdoors. Outdoor signs can attract new passersby, while indoor displays can convey important information to people inside your business. Some companies use both internal and external signs to reap the maximum advantages.
  • Direct sunlight: How the sun hits your sign can affect its longevity and readability. A sign might appear difficult to read when it is illuminated by the sun. In addition, excessive direct sunlight could cause LED diodes to become weaker, which can cause LED signs to dim more quickly.
  • Combination capabilities: You can also pair an LED sign with a traditional one. For instance, the top half might include an exterior sign with your company’s brand logo and name and the bottom part has an LED sign that promotes the sale or other upcoming events. Combining different types of signs allows you to achieve a balance between the need for creativity and uniformity.

Make your message shine with LED Signs Using LED Signs Integrated

Electronic signs and LED signs are great ways to engage customers and increase brand recognition. We at Integrated Signs are committed to creating LED signs that can propel businesses to new heights of success. Our team has years of experience and is dedicated to helping your organization to design the most effective LED neon sign you can get.

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