Real Talk: 3 Clever Ways to Help Save a Neon Sign

Since before the pandemic, we have been advocating for more custom neon signs. Through all this talk to other artists, we have compiled a “best-of” list for anyone who wants to try bending glass. This new area of learning is extremely exciting for its potential to alter market trends as well as its ability to provide new income opportunities to creatives. Although it can be difficult to grasp the trade of custom neon signs, it is possible. Here’s everything you need to know about neon signs and our top picks for learning awesomeness.

Register for a Course

Let’s first discuss why you might be interested to take a course. LED Neon signs are essentially combining a variety of skills and techniques (which can be time-consuming and expensive — think hot glass and bombarding and other types of pattern making) to create neon signs. It is a good idea to get help from someone who can guide you. We love the way that a course can change someone’s life. These recommendations will also help other people get the most from neon.

Download a Book

Learn how to make neon signs by reading the book. An inviting arch of events can help you and your team to see the big picture. It is equally important to understand how to add electrodes, noble gases, and annealing tubing for neon glass to produce light. These books will help you learn more about neon sign making. Enjoy reading!

  • The Neon Engineers’ Notebook: a practical guide for optimizing your workplace. This book offers ideas and techniques to improve your machinery, as well as your work to make it more productive. Glass work chapters provide tips and tricks to improve both novice and experienced professionals’ bending skills.
  • Neon Techniques: this book teaches thousands about the science and craft of making neon signs. Neon Techniques was updated in 1997 by an expert on neon. It covers all aspects of designing, fabricating, troubleshooting, and repairing neon signs and graphics.
  • The Neon Superguide Complete How to Manual: the book replaces the Neon Principles Reference and Neon Principles Workbook. This handbook, which is 216 pages long, combines the older guides with updated illustrations and text, more useful photos, and three new chapters. There are more than 10050 illustrations, tables, and pictures in this book.

Becoming an Intern

An internship is a great way to get hands-on experience if you are interested in pursuing a career in custom neon signs. Many shops don’t have the staff or are unwilling to hire additional staff, especially if they do not have the necessary skills. There are plenty of neon sign companies looking for someone who has had work experience in this field. Internships are a great way to make human connections. Attend every after-hours event to build relationships. You will find that you enjoy the work and it can help you identify your future skills.

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1. Document

Google searches for neon signs have increased by almost 300 percent as people are searching for neon inspiration. It works like this: Start with a neon sign, and then create a treatment plan. These outlines are a great option for funding agencies, city offices, or historical societies. They can be saved a lot of time and simply take a photograph showing the sign’s elevation and current status. Are you still not convinced? Start with the age, construction, and materials. Then, add the number of transformers to get a list that can be quantified. This will help them determine how much they can save the sign.

2. Host your own challenge

Host your own “save neon signs” challenge. Group boards and private Facebook pages can be a great way to get positive vibes from family and friends who share similar sign-saving passions. You don’t have to find a group that interests you. Why not start one? To create a compelling narrative, you can post photos of signs in danger, or announce a crowdfunding campaign to fund a specific neon sign.

3. Find New Sign-Saving Tips

There are so many ways to save signs. Small business agencies and local city planners can assist in the restoration of neon signs. For more information, please visit the National Park Service Secretary of Interior’s Standards. The 1991 Preservation Brief No. The 1991 Preservation Brief No. 25 will provide information about the details of historic signs and best practices and give you information about the types of regulations that might exist.

If you find all this overwhelming, contact a sign preservationist. These are just a few suggestions that might be able to provide additional information, research support, and general advice.

  • American Sign Museum, Cincinnati (OH)
  • Glendale, CA Museum of Neon Art (MONA)
  • Ignite Sign Art Museum, Tucson, AZ

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