LED Neon Vs Glass Neon Signs

Welcome to The Neonist blog. You are probably a neon enthusiast if you’re reading this blog. The unforgettable atmosphere of electric colors and vibes is making a comeback since the 1980s.

Oh! We could light up the whole world with neons if we could. This world can be made more joyful, happier, and kinder by all that coolness and groove. We are not giving up, and we continue to work towards our goal of bringing neon joy to the world, one step at a time.

We wanted to explain today what LED neon signs (or “cool neon signs”) are, how they differ from traditional neons, and why this is so good news.

What’s LED?

LED (or a light-emitting device, if you must) is a relatively new technology for lighting. It has many benefits over traditional sources, including lower energy consumption, longer life, better physical robustness, smaller sizes, faster switching, and faster power consumption. This is why LED signs are so popular and more widely used than traditional glass neons.

What is Neon and

Neon is a new gas. It was used to fill tubes in original glass signs from the 1980s through today.

Neon gas emits a distinctive bright reddish-orange glow. Tube lights that have other colors are sometimes called “neon”, but they use fluorescent lighting colors or novel gases.

Original neon signs were made from glass tubes that have been shaped into a particular design, filled with gas, and mounted on a glass board.

What is The Neonist neon sign made of?

PVC is a strong and flexible material used to make Neonist signs. The LED light is used to illuminate the electrical and colorful parts of the sign. It’s a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional neon tubes that are gas-filled.

Glass Neon Signs Vs. Led Neon Signs. Side-by-side comparison

Energy consumption LED lights use significantly less energy than traditional glass neons and can last for up to 50,000 hours. This means that an LED can last for up to six years if it is used every day for 24 hours.

The LED light will last longer if you dim the sign’s brightness. The LED lights can also be turned on quickly, while neons take a little longer. Glass neons consume significantly more electricity, so they can be more costly in terms of your electricity bills.

Safety LED neon signs are safer! Legacy neon signs are made from glass which can cause safety hazards if it is broken or chipped. The mercury or gas in traditional neons is filled with gas, so there’s always the possibility of gas leakage.

The LED neon signs are safe for use in the home because they don’t overheat. The LED neon sign can be used as a wall sign or in your bedroom, whether it’s yours or your kids’. The acrylic board is lighter than the glass board and can be used to mount the new neon sign.

The flexibility of use A glass sign cannot be moved once it is fixed to a wall. You have the option to decide where and how to use LED neon light signs.

Outdoor display of the LED neon sign is possible.

The LED neon signs include a remote and dimmer that allows for full control over the brightness levels as well as lighting modes such as flash, flicker, and pulse. The glass neon signs cannot be dimmed or made to flicker.

Creativity – With LED neon signs you can be creative! Unlike glass neon signs, you can create almost any design.

Noise Unlike LED signs, glass neons buzz and hum.

Lifespan: A glass neon lasts about two years. They become dimmed and less effective after a few years. It takes longer for them to turn on. LED neon signs can last for up to six years.

We are major neon geeks and feel so fortunate to live in an age of rapidly changing technology. This allows us to enjoy the nostalgia of neons from the 1980s but in a more affordable, safer, and creative way.

Join us as we unleash your creativity using neon signs. Are you looking for a quote to hang on your wall? Or perhaps a piece of artwork you love that can be made into neon art?

We can help you create your custom neon signage. Let your imagination run wild and let us help you realize your dreams.

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