A Match Made in Heaven: How LED Neon Signs Can Transform Your Wedding Décor

Beyond Neon Signs Beyond Neon Signs, we have helped companies and special events add shine, stand out and leave a memorable impression in the visitors’ minds for many years.

These intriguing and fun displays have been around since 1950. Although technology hasn’t changed much, they’ve been a major influence.

One trend that’s emerged lately and one of our most in-demand products currently includes neon signs for weddings. Neon wedding signs are a great way to stand out from the rest of the wedding crowd. They can be used for ceremony backdrops or welcome signage, bar decor, or even to showcase your name.

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With the endless possibilities of the design and the purpose how do brides and grooms-to-be decide what to do with this fashionable aspect?

What Are The Benefits Of Neon Wedding Signs?

Flexible Design
The most appealing aspect of neon signs is the ability to be customized. They can be twisted and turned in any direction you want and it’s possible to add quotes, outline images, or even new surnames.

Long Lasting
While you might only be purchasing neon signs for your wedding ceremony They can also be used as a keepsake of the day. Neon lights which are constructed and designed properly are durable and last for many years. It is possible to compare them to a typical light bulb with an operating life average of six months to an entire year. While neon light bulbs can last longer than ten years, should they ever fail, it is usually due to the deterioration of electrical wiring.

Conserve energy and save money
Because the light these fashionable signs are producing comes from an interaction between gas and electricity, neon lighting ends in using less energy than traditional light bulbs. According to some estimates, energy savings could be as high as 50-70 percent when compared to standard light bulbs used in a typical home.

How Neon Signs Can Be Utilized for Weddings
There are a variety of ways to make the most of your wedding’s neon sign. But where should you begin? Which are the most well-known and enjoyable methods to ensure that your glow signs will add a lively and personal spark to your wedding day? Here’s the Guide’s Creative Director Jenna Miller has some great suggestions for displaying neon signs at your nuptials.

Tell us about your experience
“The greatest thing about Custom Neon Signs? Miller suggests that neon signs are a great method to show your personality. Miller suggests, “Hint at how you received a “You have me at hello You had me at hello!’ sign. You can shout out where you are from with something like, ‘California Love,’ or express an individual sentiment about your relationship, such as ‘ You were always there.”

Keep it to a minimum
A stylish neon sign with a sweet message is elegant enough to stand out. Therefore, not only will you reduce the cost of other extravagant wedding decorations, however, but you’ll also invest in a piece that will be displayed at the house!” explains Miller. A glowing sign that reads “The best is yet” or “Love is all that’s needed” is a stunning memory of the day of your wedding and will make you smile each time you come across it.

You can take your thank-you to the Next Level
Miller recommends Miller: “Get customized ‘Thank you”‘ or ‘Merci’ Custom Neon Signs and have your photographer capture your picture with it on your big day.” It’ll look amazing on your thank-you cards following the wedding.

Illuminate the Way
Miller explains that signs are commonly used in weddings to point guests in the right direction. Instead of the typical wooden sign, you can greet your guests with a glowing neon sign that shines to welcome them or a directive to gather at the bar. It’s a whimsical way to guide guests to where they should go.”

Light The Way
“Typically signs are typically used at weddings to steer guests in the right direction,” explains Miller. Instead of a traditional wooden sign, you can greet your guests with a neon sign that lights up welcoming them or a directive that leads them toward the bar. It’s a whimsical way to let guests know where to go.”

There are many possibilities for wedding neon signs. Beyond Custom Neon Signs has years of experience in creating and installing this vibrantly colored sweetener across Australia.

Our experienced staff is happy to help you find the perfect topping for your wedding cake.

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