How Much Does a Building Sign Cost?

If you’re looking for brand new signage to advertise your business, you can expect to shell out thousands for a sign that is outdoor or even tens of thousands for a sign with a bigger size that is hung high above the surface.

We would like you to select an affordable sign that can promote your company. Let’s look at the elements that cause large variances in the cost of building signs.

Four factors that affect the building Cost of Signage

Learn more about the four elements that affect the price you pay for your business sign and the different options for signs and the reasons National Signs is the best option for durable, attractive signs.

1. Signs of different types

All signs for businesses have a function. They can show your company’s brand name, and logo and give important information to customers or assist them in navigating your premises. They are among the most sought-after kinds of signs for businesses:

Each type of sign is made to fit the requirements of your premises. This will impact the price you’ll have to pay.

A sign for a storefront For instance, a storefront sign is usually constructed of sturdy aluminum panels, acrylic, and internal lighting. But, post and panel wayfinding signs however typically are constructed of steel posts or painted panels.

2. Sign Complexity

The degree of complexity of your outdoor sign design will affect the price of your signs. A simple signboard made of metal with your company’s logo and name on the outside of your building is cheaper than a large LED screen that is mounted on top of an elevated roadside sign.

If you need lighted signs for your storefront or large-scale letters and symbols or displays that are artistic the cost will increase. Signs made of neon can be designed to showcase your company’s slogan or motto stylishly to boost social media engagement.

Sign design choices that are unique or complex will help you distinguish yourself from the rest of your competitors. Your sign for your business could even be the thing that people seek out and be proud of.

Your business or school can create an impressive display of your brand’s logo or name or make use of lighting or shadows to create an interesting presentation. We can assist you in making an impression and receiving the most bang for your money!

3. Sign Size

The cost of your business signage will vary based on the size you require it to be.

A LED neon sign for your storefront that utilizes channel letters to advertise your business may be anywhere from between one and two feet, based upon whether your landlord is subject to any limitations or not. A huge, pylon-type outdoor sign that measures several feet wide could be between 20 and 30 feet tall for the greatest visibility in areas with lots of traffic.

Signs that are larger and more prominent will require more components. This includes the material used for the sign supports, concrete bases, concrete bases, lighting components, as well as electrical components. The price of your sign could increase when it features large-scale, distinctive finishes or textures that enhance the aesthetic attraction.

For LED neon signs that are large for business, it is recommended to have a professional install to make sure that the structure and the supporting posts can be able to support the weight of the sign. It is a fact that the bigger the sign is, the more you’ll pay for it.

4. Technology and Lights

Make sure you are using the latest electronic signage to make sure your business’s sign is seen by the most possible audience. This is a good thing since LED displays as well as light features. Your sign will be seen from a distance even during bad conditions.

It is possible to use LED displays to make an ongoing display of information for your business signs for example:

  • News and updates
  • Promotions or sales currently in place
  • Upcoming events
  • Important messages
  • Data (temperature and date) can be useful

LED screens can produce striking, vibrant images and colors at any time during the day. It is also possible to instantly change your message using their assistance. It is costly to transform bare metal signs or acrylic signs into LED neon signs. This investment can help to make your business stand out by introducing new and innovative ways.

National Signs provides bold signage at competitive prices.

National Signs offers a wide range of beautiful and durable outdoor and indoor signs to meet your needs in the local area.

We provide a comprehensive solution for all your sign-making needs that will help you lower your costs.

  • Award-winning sign design options.
  • Signage manufactured in America with high-quality workmanship
  • Professional sign installation services that are secure and reliable ensure the signs function as they were intended.

Sign design services are offered by our team of sign designers. We’ll work closely with you to design signs that meet your requirements and remain within your budget.

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