Master the Art of Making Custom Neon Signs with This Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Learn how to design unique neon signs. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to create your unique sign that matches no one other. If this all seems overwhelming, you can always employ a company that creates custom neon signs to complete the job for you.

1. What is an LED neon sign?

A neon LED sign usually consists of the following elements: tubes, edges and LEDs, and back panels. These hollow tubes contain LEDs and are made from solid opal acrylic. They are then smoothed and then sanded.

Blockout paint or vinyl edging is applied to the acrylic tubes to complete the pattern.LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are generally composed of aluminum-gallium-arsenide and function as semiconductors. The tubes are positioned on a back panel comprised of a variety of materials, including acrylic, polycarbonate, and steel if it is essential for the final design.

Neon sign with arrows

2. How does an LED neon sign operate?

The neon sign for auction isn’t the result of electricity and neon gas recombining, but instead of electrons traversing the semiconductor. The semiconductor is generally an alloy of gallium, metals, and arsenic.

When using LEDs in signs, they need to be in the right position within the tubes. A space that is filled with LEDs can have hot spots and need more power (where the light is hard and causes what appears to be a pattern of dots). If there aren’t enough LEDs, you will be able to see black spots.

3. How do you make your neon sign

The process might frustrating but you can freely be yourself and express yourself through your custom-designed sign. These are just a few reasons to make your custom neon sign.

3.1 Creativity

Sometimes, making things is more enjoyable than purchasing them. When you place your design on the wall, you’ll be very proud of yourself. If you’re an artist then a neon sign bought that you buy from a store may not be sufficient to satisfy your creativity. You’ll be keen to create other neon signs after you’ve completed your first one.

3.2 Price

A neon sign made from scratch can cost less than buying one. An LED strip light roll can be purchased for only $30, while a professionally made sign can cost several hundred dollars. Making your sign will assist you in saving costs.

3.3 Safe

Your customized neon sign will be safe if you opt for LED neon instead of glass tubes made from real. It does not call for the use of power tools or eye protection like goggles. The security and versatility of LED neon signs are the reason they are so well-known.

4. How can you create your neon sign?

Let’s move on to the most important portion of this post. In only a few steps we’ll teach you how to create your custom neon sign.

4.1 The preparation

If you’ve got the right equipment and the right strategy, you can make your neon sign in only a few hours. Before you start gathering materials be sure to have a plan.

4.2 Lights for linking

To produce each letter, you will require cutting the rope to light. However, it is ideal to see the wire as a straight string. The circuit must not be cut off. Draw the “string” by using the template from the first letter to the last, remembering how the wire is hidden behind the letters and how it will join to the letter that follows.

Wiring the lights

Once everything is arranged, it’s time for you to begin using the template. Cut off the letters if the backing is a solid color. Then, you can attach the template to it. The template can be placed behind a transparent acrylic piece should you decide to do so. Drill holes with your 4mm drill bit where the letter ends are (your entrance and exit sites for wires).

4.3 Cut out the letters

Only one side of the LED rope light must be wired. This means only one side or part of the first letter requires wiring. The rope should be positioned against the template to cut the initial letter. Check the rope’s light side. It should have a straight line on one side and an occasional little black spot; this is your cut guide.

With a knife, make marks as close as you can to the point at which your letter ends. Do not cut off before or after these instances. Two contact points made of copper are located inside the slit. This is where you have to connect the correct wires to your negative and positive points.

4.4 Connecting the light

Separate the negative and positive wires by using wire strippers and a knife. The positive wire will have a white stripe. Positive is red if are using colored wire. After stripping the ends, twist the wires until all the wires are joined. Calculate how much wire the first light needs to connect to the second by using the holes you’ve just created, leaving about 5-10 cm to pass through the holes.

You should turn on your soldering iron. When the wire is heated you can apply a bit of glue on each end. To do this, push the tip of your iron against the solder to remove tiny drops of metal. Then, press it onto the end of your wire to move the solder. The solder will solidify quickly. When you connect the wire to the light, attach your end cap to it, and repeat the process for the positive and negative wires.

When the strip is down you may fix it with the help of super glue. Utilizing the template as a guide as you apply glue to the strip’s flat white base to secure it to the base. It’s almost impossible to remove the glue completely. If the glue you are using has extreme bends, you can use duct tape to keep the original part in its place.

Each letter must follow the same procedure. Make use of the diagram of strings as a guide to determine the best place to put the wire. Add end caps as you go and feed the wire through each hole. Make sure that every connection is correct with the adapter as well as the power cord. The red wire should be held against the positive and the black wire to the black wire will accomplish this. If the wire does not blink, you need to examine your connections.

4.4 Corner

To aid the rope in bending around a letter with sharp curves like an E, or a T create an arc on the rope’s blank (not the side that indicates the cut).

4.5 Make sure you check the sign and tidy up the mess

Based on the distance your plug is from the point where your light will be hanging depending on the distance, you can complete each line of text, if you’ve made at least two lines across different strands with two or more long pieces of wire. When connecting your adaptor to your light and the light, all the positives and negatives have to be connected.

Soldering them together can be done with the positives connected to the adaptor’s red wire, and the negatives of the adaptor’s black wire. It is possible to ensure that the wires don’t touch by wrapping them in either electrical tape or shrink-wrap sleeves.

Flip the sign upside down, and then glue the wires in the middle of the light rope to cover them.

Make holes to hang your sign. After that, do one last power check then clean it up with glass cleaner, then put it up? You can use standoff mounts or screws. Step back and look at the sign you’ve made!

5. Where can I purchase customized neon signs

Orant Neon is the top custom-led lighting for your walls. The signs are all handcrafted. They are safe and good for the surroundings. Contemporary neon flex technology is more light and durable than traditional glass neon. Every sign is backed by a one-year guarantee.

6. What is the price for a custom neon sign?

Before you start asking whether you can design your own custom-led neon signs It is essential that you know the cost of manufacturing. The size of a sign will greatly impact the price. The size of the sign will determine its cost. This is because more materials were utilized during the construction process and also because more time was used during assembly.

The complexity of design can significantly increase the cost. Complex designs can be more costly, take longer to design, and, consequently, are more difficult to make. If you want to personalize your LED sign with personal logos or images, prices will go up.

The cost of customized neon signs will depend in large part on the dimensions of the sign.

7. How do you hang the neon sign?

It could be difficult to determine the ideal position for your new neon wall sign, especially for businesses. Be sure to select an area that is seen clearly from various angles, for instance, over a bar, in a hotel lobby, or in the doorway of a neon coffee sign. Select an area where you’d like to create an intimate, warm environment if you intend to place the LED neon sign on your home.

We have walked you step by step through how to create custom neon signs. While the process is simple but it may be a bit difficult initially. If you’re still looking to make the sign, but do not want to deal with all the bother then you can opt for a neon sign customization service and let experts create your neon sign.

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