3 Tips For Maintaining Your Neon Sign

If they are placed outside the premises, neon signs are an excellent opportunity for your company to be noticed. They can also be used as decor for your interior to give a unique accent to your house. They’re also affordable and durable. They are also easy to maintain. It is important to know the requirements for the maintenance of neon signs. Here are some suggestions to take care of the neon sign you have.


Make sure your custom neon sign is clean. If neon signs aren’t kept well-maintained, they will fade in brightness and appear less inviting. If they’re in the middle of glowing tubes, dust, and dirt can show through.

Be sure to unplug the neon sign before you start cleaning it. Since neon signs do not heat up when lit, it’s simple to believe that they are secure. They’re still powered by transformers, which could cause a severe shock if they are not handled properly.

Make use of a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to aid in dust removal. Then, clean the tubes clean using the nylon brush or use a cloth. To remove dust from difficult-to-reach areas, the paintbrush is an excellent tool.

It is contingent on the area of your sign, it may be enough to clean it once per week. Certain signs might require extra attention because they collect more dirt. Signs with neon lights near restaurants’ grills can build up grease. Also, neon signs located in bars within the smoking areas of bars could be stained with nicotine. Spray ammonia-based cleaner on the surface of a soft cloth. Make use of this to clean the dirt off the sign. It isn’t a good idea to cause the glass tubes to break, so take care when you rub. Once you’ve removed any dirt or grime and grime, use a clean, dry cloth to remove any cleanser that remains.

Make sure to keep Bugs away

You’re probably already taking every step you can to keep insects from getting into your sign inside. If the neon sign you have is outdoors bugs could be an issue. Neon tubes that are brightly colored are appealing because of insects like the bright lighting.

It is necessary to wash your sign more frequently particularly if they are using it to breed. It’s not a good idea to allow bugs to crawl onto your signage. To prevent bugs from entering your property the best option is to put in electronic mosquito traps or bug traps or zappers around your property. It is recommended to put them near the sources of the mosquitoes. For instance, If your property is located near an irrigation ditch, they’re more likely to draw mosquitoes. A mosquito trap set close to the ditch will stop the majority of bugs from getting to the property’s front.

Do not unplug

It is better to keep your custom neon sign on for the entire time, excluding when you’re cleaning it or making repairs. Turning your neon light constantly on and off all the time can cause more damage to the transformer than simply leaving it turned on. The lifespan of a neon sign is for quite a long time when it is left to its own devices. Ask the proprietor of a restaurant to find an old neon lamp that was glowing for more than 77 years and was now hidden behind an enclosure.

It’s not as expensive as you imagine. It’s a great method to brighten up your home. The neon sign could be operated for around 20 cents every day. It’s less than the cost to run a 75-watt light bulb. The sign is safe to be left on since it does not get hot.

Do not attempt to fix the custom neon sign you have installed if you believe it to be unusable. To make sure that your neon sign shines brightly, you should hire an expert repair service for your sign like Adogee Signs.

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