Designing Bespoke Neon Signs: Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

Customized Neon Signs are a sought-after decoration item for weddings, homes, offices, and retail stores. They’re a fashionable and innovative way to illuminate an area. They are a fantastic alternative to conventional signs. Our wide selection of top-quality flexible neon signs is able to be utilized in many ways.

How do neon signs work?

Glass tubes that contain a small quantity of neon gas are referred to as Neon Lights. The light is created by applying an electric current to the electrodes located at the end of the tubes. The current of electricity is generated through the voltage mixture between positive and negative symbols.

How to Brighten Neon Text

The reason neon light has distinct hues. Instead of removing electrons through collisions with kinetic energy, they get “excited” and this takes them to orbits with higher energy. Because the electrons return to their orbital position, this energy is then transferred to a particle of light that creates an effect of glowing. The color of the light particle will be determined by the wavelength. It is affected by the gap in energy that exists between orbitals.

Neon signs are superior to LED lights

Neon signs with text have numerous advantages over other forms of traditional signs. Here are just some of the advantages of choosing this new alternative. If properly designed and constructed, Neon Signs can last longer than traditional signs. Light bulbs that are standard in their lifespan can last for just 6 months or even a year. LED signs are extremely luminescent, however, neon signs shine brighter and look more appealing. Neon signs consume less energy and are more efficient in their energy consumption.

Make Your neon signs

EchoNeon provides a user-friendly configurator to allow you to make custom neon signs online! This tool allows you to check out what your neon sign will look like before you place an order for it. You can mix and match designs, colors, and other designs until you have the perfect final product.

Choose the Font Style you want to use.

Then, select the wording (like the name)! Select from a variety of fonts that range from traditional writing, to aligned text. Select the hue of your neon lights. You can pick from blue, pink, or other shades.

The shape of your sign

The mount behind your neon sign could be either a transparent rectangle or cut clear to form. Both are extremely well-liked! Select the size of your sign.

Choose the Background

You can also alter your background color to brick walls, wood panels, or even white space. Think about how your sign will appear wherever you decide to put it.

Begin today by making use of our online neon configurator.

Neon signs are essential to promote your company

Bring in new customers to your company

Neon signs are an effective instrument. With their vibrant colors and flashing lights, they make a fantastic first impression. It’s easy to mold into any shape, making it hard for potential buyers to overlook. Neon is such a striking hue that in a Ketchum Global Research poll in which 68 percent of respondents reported that they purchased an item or service due to the neon light that attracted their attention.

Energy consumption is low.

Neon lighting uses less energy than traditional lights and can help save up to 70% of the energy. In bedrooms or indoors they are safe and economical.

A Stunning Method to Promote

Your brand can be promoted throughout the night using neon signs since they’re not expensive to run. Who wouldn’t want their business advertised throughout the day and night?

Custom Neon allows you to select your designs and colors

The incredibly adaptable nature of neon signs permits them to be easily cut and placed in any manner. You can design anything you want, whether it’s your logo or a symbol, or even an inspirational quote. Be sure the style you select is distinctive and memorable. This will allow it to grab the attention of people.

You’ve heard about the advantages of neon signage. However, to benefit from the benefits the design should have an impression. Advertising options include designing logos or drawing on a related symbol, or Quotations. As you begin the process of designing, keep in mind that your signage will be among the first things that people notice about your company and will help to establish an excellent foundation.

Neon Sign Products We Offer Neon Sign Products

When it comes to designing customized neon signs we are experts in the field. We create signs for all kinds of things.

  • Weddings
  • Bars
  • Fitness centers
  • Businesses
  • Special Events
  • Parties
  • Home Decor

Tool for customizing neon signs

It’s simple to start! Utilize our easy-to-use Custom Neon Signs Tool to make your order, view it, and send it. We’ll take over and collaborate with you to create an outstanding neon sign that will meet your expectations. We will become your partner from now. We’ll provide you with art proofs as we create your neon sign to ensure that you are satisfied.

Our designers are able to assist you in creating an individual neon sign you’ll love, regardless of whether you have an idea in your mind or need assistance in coming up with ideas.

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